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Welcome to a leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) company that specializes in the design, implementation and management of dynamic customer experiences.

The benefits of CX with Sunlinx:

Improve first contact resolution

Improve net promotor scores

Improve customer satisfaction scores

Improve speed of answer

Reduce average handling time

We focus on three important aspects:




to ensure that we provide the best possible customer experiences available. With a highly trained and multi-lingual team of agents, advanced technology and in-depth data analysis, we streamline and improve communication with your customers to enhance your business offering.

About us

We are leading the way in providing exceptional customer experiences for the Gaming, Online Gambling, and eCommerce industries. We use an innovative approach to engage customers and to build positive relationships. We understand that every interaction is an opportunity to grow your business.

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    Why Sunlinx

    We recruit, train and manage multi-lingual call centre agents to provide a 24/7 omni-channel support service.
    Our cloud-based technology ensures that we are flexible, scalable and available. We provide complete reporting and in-depth analysis to assist you in improving your business.
    • Our interactive and personalised solutions enhance customer satisfaction.
    • Our omni-channel support solutions ensure that no question, order or query goes unnoticed.
    • Our reporting includes Customer Satisfaction Scores, First Call Resolution,
      Average Handling Time and more.



    100% CLOUD



    customer satisfaction

    24/7 multi-lingual


    The gaming industry has exploded in popularity

    since it entered the mainstream in the 1980s, but without a seamless player experience, a game’s success can suffer. We are equipped to help companies overcome these challenges by providing high-quality customer support.


    Join the movement of delivering outstanding customer experiences at Sunlinx. We seek individuals who believe in innovation and long-lasting relationships.
    Discover your place in shaping the future of customer service by exploring our job openings today.

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