Human innovation, inspired technology

At Sunlinx, our vision is to be the leading and trusted provider of exceptional customer experiences for the Gaming, Online Gambling and eCommerce industries. We provide a superior multi-lingual customer support service in any time zone. We aim to engage customers through an innovative approach and cultivate long-lasting relationships that foster positive brand image and drive a positive return on investment.

Let’s Talk:

Our slogan emphasizes Sunlinx’s commitment to promoting open and effective communication. Sunlinx leverages technology to create innovative solutions for communication, enabling businesses and their customers to engage seamlessly.
Let’s Talk suggests that we value the importance of human interaction and encourages people to reach out and engage in meaningful conversations. Sunlinx is facilitating a new era of communication and emphasizes the power of human connection, aligning our brand philosophy of bridging people and technology.

Our Vision

To be the first and trusted choice in providing a dynamic customer experience, from design to implementation, with a focus on the Gaming, Online Gambling and eCommerce Sectors.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide a superior multi-lingual customer support service in any time zone. Our quality of service ensures long-term customer loyalty which leads to improved key performance indicators and a positive ROI.

Our Promise

We provide an outstanding Business Process Outsourcing service through our online agent training programme and by incorporating the latest technology to enhance the entire customer experience. We provide detailed and regular analysis to illustrate that our quality of service creates value for your business.

We exist so your business can thrive.

Our values

Our core values are set by the fundamental beliefs and principles that drive our common business goals.

Customer- Centric

Customer-centricity means that we put the customer at the centre of everything we do. The customer is our focal point of all decisions related to delivering our service. We connect with customers!


We value diversity and acknowledge the benefits of a multi-lingual, multi-cultural organisation. We appreciate different perspectives to create innovative solutions.


We strive for a culture of integrity, where we act with honesty, responsibility and accountability at all times. We do what we say and say what we do!


Working as one team means we are stronger together. We create and maintain meaningful relationships to grow our company for the benefit of all.

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