Online Gambling

Companies in the gambling industry may face the following challenges:

Dwindling customer experience resulting in negative reviews.

Poor customer support adding to customer frustration.

A burning need for reliable customer support on channels like voice, chat, and email.

Availability of a partner with the right data security measures in place to deliver a secure, reliable and exceptional customer experience.

Limited availability and capacity to handle thousands of interactions per minute.

Our betting support agents provide the following services:

Assisting during onboarding

There are many people trying out betting apps for the first time. Agents can help navigate through sometimes unintuitive onboarding processes and decrease immediate, first-session churn (25% of users abandon an app just after one use).

Verifying accounts and providing log-in assistance

Verifying accounts and providing log-in assistance: Agents can answer common questions related to account management, troubleshoot, validation process, glitches and get people engaged with betting content faster.

Providing frictionless money exchanges

When bets are placed and deposits and withdrawals are requested, people expect immediate attention; their money’s on the line. At this pivotal time, if there are any issues or friction, people are likely to become disenchanted with a service. An agent can walk a person through the steps and answer questions throughout the process instantly.


Based on historical behaviour, sportsbooks and betting sites can understand which customers would likely be interested in betting on new events or joining contests. AI chatbots can automate messages to customers. Agents are available to answer any betting related enquiry.

Promoting responsible gaming

AI chatbots can pre-emptively intervene when a person is getting close to their self-set betting limits. It can offer education and tips on how to bet responsibly and flag potential addictive behaviour.

Troubleshooting, common bugs and technical issues

Human agents will be needed in realtime during technical issues, especially during times of high traffic.