Discover a better way to connect with your customers

Customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our team of experts provide:

Omni-Channel Customer Support

Seamless customer support solutions on any channel, creating a unified customer experience. Our platform integrates phone, mobile, email, SMS, social, and webchat in real-time, and we are flexible and scalable to meet your changing needs.

Gaming Community Management

We manage all your support channels, serving as a facilitator and link between developers, distributors and players. We encourage community interaction and provide a safe social space for players and fans, continuously monitoring engagement and offering support when required.

Quality Assurance, Reporting & Analytics

Our data analysts and quality assurance teams continuously monitor and analyze customer interactions, providing real-time feedback to clients on all relevant KPIs to ensure we meet set standards and drive business improvement.

Security & Safety

Sunlinx provides a safe and secure customer experience, using Salesforce Shield to safeguard sensitive data and offer enhanced protection of all customer information. Our comprehensive security solution focuses on blocking unauthorized activity, finding and classifying sensitive data quickly, adding additional security to sensitive data, and meeting compliance and industry regulations.

CX Technology

We implement innovative technology solutions to enhance your customer’s experience. Our tools, including Lightning Service Console, Case Management, Knowledge Base, Service Process & Automation, and AI-powered analytics, allow us to interact across all channels and personalize every engagement.
Entrust Sunlinx with your customer support requirements and experience the unparalleled quality of service that sets us apart from the rest.
We use advanced technology to provide personalised customer engagements which make us the best choice for businesses seeking excellence in customer support.