Transform your customer experience with data-driven insights

At Sunlinx, we believe that the key to success in today’s rapidly changing business landscape is to create a unique link between people, technology, and data. Our goal is to streamline and improve communication to enhance your business performance.

Unique Selling Points

Global work-from home company

24/7 multi-lingual customer support service

Fraction of
the cost

Operates 100% in the cloud

Flexible, Scalable, Available

Headquarters in Cape Town, SA

Did you know that Cape Town is a leading BPO destination known for its skilled and talented workforce with a neutral English speaking accent?

Leading BPO destination CAPE TOWN

We partnered with Salesforce, the market leader for CRM and customer service technology. Salesforce Service Cloud enable our agents to work faster and more productively across all channels which improves customer satisfaction scores and ultimately a higher ROI. Aircall, our cloud-based phone system integrates seamlessly with Salesforce for a consistent 99.99% uptime. Our technology enable us to deliver a safe and secure CX service and we comply with relevant industry standards.

Sunlinx provides a unique link between people, technology, and data to deliver a personalized customer experience that generates revenue for your business while reducing cost.

How We Do It

Centralised Dashboard

Capturing all customer queries on a central platform.
Store history of all customer information for quick resolution.

Agent Recruitment

Recruitment and management of all agents and support staff.
Complete and continuous agent training.

Complete Reporting

Real-time reports based on current and historic customer data.
Custom reports based on client specific business needs.
Supports quick decision-making.

Global Telephone Link

Providing all requirements for VOIP and local telephone services.

Interactive & Personalised Solutions

Advanced communication solutions on all channels.

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